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BMX 101

Get ready for a heart-pumping race with up to seven of your soon-to-be closest friends. But before you jump out the start gate, let’s get you up to speed on what you need to know.


There are two main things you’ll need before you hit the starting hill: The Bike and The Gear. BMX bikes are different from your average cruiser or city bike. They are made for racing. The right gear helps keep you safe out on the tracks. Don’t have any equipment? Local tracks often have loaner bikes you can try out your first time racing.


Come out to any USA BMX track and try a day for free! Or, click GET INVOLVED at the top of this page to fill out a One Day Membership to print out and take to your local track.

Once you’re hooked, get your annual USA BMX Membership so you can start earning points & yearend awards. You will be on your way to making your mark in the sport before you know it.


Four major criteria determine what your classification will be: age, gender, proficiency (skill level), and wheel size. Just starting out? You’ll probably be placed as a Novice. Want to know more about our classification breakdown? Catch it in our Rulebook.


Once you feel ready to hit the track, visit your local track’s site to find a race to sign up for. Sign ups start anywhere from one to three hours before the race begins.


Every BMX track consists of similar elements, but no two tracks are the same. Make sure you get out there and familiarize yourself with the track and take the first few laps slow. Once you have a good feel for the track, you’re ready to go full speed ahead. As soon as the gate drops and you hit that starting hill, you’ll be off on an adrenaline rush that you won’t be able to get enough of.


Your finish determines the number of points you get per race. The higher your point total, the higher you’ll rank. Bike numbers for races are assigned by ranking after your first season in the sport, so work hard and you might just get that coveted #1 plate!

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