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Come Ride with Brecky Breck

FREE Balance Bike Clinic

FREE 1-Hour Clinic

Balance Bike Riders Age 5 and Under

Come join YouTuber star Brecky Breck at USA BMX! Your young rider of any skill level will get to take part in a FREE 1-hour clinic learning basic drills, bike games and a fun-filled free ride with Brecky Breck! They will get to experience different aspects of the USA BMX track and enjoy the ride of their life at their own speed. Need to borrow a balance bike and helmet? We’ll have limited supply to lend for any kids without gear.


Why Join USA BMX?

Whether you or your child are an experienced rider or completely new to racing, USA BMX is the only all-ages sport where no one sits on the bench and everyone is always welcome. All you need to get started is your bike (many tracks even have loaner bikes available), long pants, a long sleeve shirt and any approved bicycle helmet. The benefits of joining today include:

Action-Packed Fun for the Whole Family 
Encourages Lifelong Connections
Promotes Physical Fitness
Builds Self-Esteem 
Participate at Your Comfort Level

Membership Options

All memberships come with an official member card that has your unique serial number. Standard members receive a subscription to Pull magazine and are awarded points for each race.

Balance Bike / STACYC (ages 7 and under)

A pedal-less bike meant for riders 5 & under or STACYC stability cycle competitors 3 to 7 years old. Just $40/year!

Standard or Mountain Bike (MTB)

For those who race on a local level and are hobbyists in the sport or ride Mountain Bikes and want to race BMX. Only $80/year.

Visit us again at a FREE open house near you

Check out what you’ve been missing for FREE with a one-day membership. You belong here.

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